Partition systems are used in a number of areas, from cost effective solutions, attractive office spaces, secure areas, clean rooms and glazed unit. There is a system to suit you whatever your needs.

Most of the systems come with a variety of finish options such as:

  • All Mesh
  • Steel/Mesh
  • All Steel
  • Steel/Glass
  • Steel/Glass/Steel
  • All Glass

With bespoke options available there is a system to suit you!

‘A durable solution for your heavy duty partitioning needs.’ Strong, heavy duty, economical, single skin partitioning system. Bastion is perfect for creating a secure area. The adaptable panels can multi-tiered creating a dynamic safe area for any workspace.

‘Double skin partitioning for improved aesthetics and acoustics.’

Suitable for a number of environments, such as, industrial canteens and facilities, laboratories and offices. Elan is a high quality, double skin partitioning perfect for areas within an office or factory where appearance is a priority.

‘A single skin steel partitioning system ideal for factory and warehouse environments’

This system is perfect for where appearance is a priority without the cost of a double skin option. The panels can be multi-tiered, meaning it is perfect for a number of other applications, including, factory or warehouse division, security, perimeter guarding and much more.

‘Titan is a high quality double skin partitioning system ideal for clean room application’

Designed specifically for cleanroom use. Titans main features include a powder coat finish making its surface perfect for clean areas, also its two line junction means minimal dust and particulate traps. This system is also demountable allowing panels to be removed without having to dismantle the whole partitioning.

‘Glazed Partitioning’

We also offer fully glazed partitioning, this option is great for creating open, aesthetically pleasing, modern office spaces, with partitioning customisation options. Vetro is available in single or double-glazed panels and doors.

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