Case Studies

Three Partitioning Offices

Creation of three partition office inside large warehouse for International pharmaseuticals company.

Warehouse staff spend time at desks set up in the warehouse, with it being such a large space, and our typical Scottish weather, staff where cold sitting at their desks.

After a full sight survey and presenting our proposal to the client the most effective solution was agreed.

Using Troax Elan Partitioning three offices of varying sizes were created with suspended ceiling, insulation and heaters fitted internally.

This now makes a comfortable area for staff when working at there desks, but also allows easy access to the warehoue when necessary.
- Installation of office partitioning.
- Installation of suspended ceiling.
- Cables run running from supply at one side of the warehouse to the other side allowing electrical connections to be made.
- Installation of dado trunking, twin sockets and data points.
- Heater connected and fitted to partitioning.
- Area was the cleaned ready for hand over to the customer
This job was great, with it being such a large warehouse there was plenty of room for the installers to complete all necessary works without getting in the way of anyone working on the warehouse floor, meaning when the Installation team got going they had a good run at the build without any interuptions.

The only slight challenge that was faced was the supply for the electrical work to be completed was at the over side of the warehouse. With it being such a large warehouse both length and in height the electrical team had the most time consuming part of the job running cables, at height, from one end of the warehouse to the other

Large Mezzanine Floor

Creation of large mezzanine floor in warehouse for national car dealership parts department.

Being a parts department for a national car dealership means stock is forever coming throught the door, so space is of the utmost importance. As such, all the avaliable floor space had been used, Luckily the warehouse had available head space, so the sensible option was to make use of this and install a mezzanine floor, dramitically increasing storage space.

After a full site survey, and agreeing on how much space was allowed to be used, we presented the client with our proposal with the most effective solution.

Our effective solution was signed of by the client and works began installing the large, space saving mezzanine floor.
- The structural engineer did a site evalutaion, and drawings where created, allowing structural calculaions to take place.

- Installation of mezzanine floor.

- Installation of additional staircases.

- Installation of additional pallet gates.

A couple of challenges where faced on this job, with it being an extremely busy warehouse with deliveries coming and going all of the working day, the only time our installers could get in to complete the works was over night.

Secondly, again because of how busy this warehouse was, we had to deploy timed deliveries so that the large steal parts of the mezzanine floor where not lying in the yard taking up valuable space.

Even though our installers where working over night, the warehouse still had staff in carrying out there work. So we had to work very closely with the warehouse staff and forklift drivers so that everyone could get on with there jobs and no back log was being created for our installation time or warehouse staff completing there duties.